Advisory Services


We approach each situation in a methodical manner, yet we recognize that some of the challenges our clients face often require fresh thinking. Our approach involves the following steps:

- Listen first in order to understand the critical risks the organization faces.     
- Consider all available solutions regardless of constraints and limitations and develop specific recommendations to reduce risk exposure, and maximize return on investment. 
- Assist with the implementation of changes to people, processes, and technology.
- Provide continued guidance, reassessment, and support as needed.

Clients benefit from working with professionals who focus on understanding their needs first before recommending a solution. In addition, clients appreciate the single point of contact who ensures that they obtain exactly the right solution at the right time. 


Companies engage FirstCall to help manage risk, assess vulnerabilities and provide critical response support under a variety of circumstances – both ordinary and extraordinary. Given our highly selective recruitment process and rigorous on going training, coupled with a deep understanding of domestic and foreign markets, our clients count on us to:  
· Reduce security risk.      
· Defend their brand’s integrity.      
· Increase productivity by freeing up existing resources.      
· Supplement internal capabilities through outsourcing.      
· Deliver timely and effective incident response and management.      
· Support business continuity.      
· Minimizes lost productivity.      
· Reduce reputational risk.


The world we live in is rapidly heading down two seemingly unstoppable paths. The first is turning the world into a global village - multi-cultural, borderless, overflowing with technologies. The other is making the world - objectively and to some degree - a more dangerous place at the individual, organizational and state levels. Security threats today cannot be contained by physical or demographic boundaries. Threats are global, hard to define, dynamic and constantly evolving. 

At FirstCall we professionally address all potential threats through our intelligence services on an ongoing basis, adapting to the needs of our clients. Differentiating risks according to each situation, always accompanied by our reports with executive summaries, recommendations and/or actions to mitigate risks.

Proactively we also make available to our customers constantly, tailor-made weekly and / or monthly reports that help to track situations of interest in places where they manage operations. 

Personal Security Vulnerability Assessments (PSVA) 

Captures information regarding security risks identified throughout the entirety of the executive’s life, to include family, home, office, travel, and vacation or personal time. 

Physical Security Assessments  

Help determine if it is safe for an executive to conduct business in a particular location. FirstCall leverages its agents’ local knowledge, as well as the latest threat intelligence gathered from a myriad of sources.  

FirstCall deliver accurate planning,
robust communication, & seamless execution.