Executive Protection


In our experience, executive protection encompasses far more than just establishing a physical presence. FirstCall professionals possess a range of skills, including emergency medical training, security driving techniques, and counter-surveillance expertise as well as softer skills such as the ability to exercise diplomacy and tact when needed.

Lifestyle, corporate culture, family, and other considerations make each client’s security needs unique.We provide clients with a customized executive protection program for their home, office, and travel. We also provide security at large gatherings such as shareholder meetings and public events where executives are particularly at risk. Regardless of the services provided, each of our agents recognizes the enormous amount of trust and confidence that clients place in their personal security professional. Our agents work hard to secure and maintain that trust.


FirstCall evaluates all aspects of our customers' security needs to ensure they receive the appropriate level of protection at all times. We continually refine our approach based on the inherent threat level and operating environment. In executive protection, details matter. Whether it's facilitating travel arrangements to and from an airport, or confirming the address of a destination to avoid delays, a personal security professional remains discreet but highly effective in making the most of their client's time.

Our protection details routinely operate in environments that require a discreet, unobtrusive and low visibility approach. In the private sector, where resources may be limited, FirstCall understands how to maximize available assets to achieve the level of security required in an ongoing executive protection service.


Many executives have effective personal security programs in place when they are at their primary place of business or residence. Providing the same level of security while the executive is traveling is logistically challenging and cost prohibitive. Executives travel more frequently, and often to new and unfamiliar destinations. It is precisely during these trips that the executive is most at risk. FirstCall offers executive protection services to traveling executives, regardless of where their schedule takes them. We maintain a network of professional security agents that extends to every major metropolitan area in the United States, as well as most international trade centers. We offer an unmatched level of service and expertise that clients can rely on.

Our approach to executive protection is unique in that we ensure that our staff in Asia, Europe and the Americas receive the same training and level of corporate support, all while adhering to FirstCall's standards of customer service and attention to detail to provide the highest quality eventual executive protection services. 

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