GSOC and Emergency Operations

Our Operations Center in Mexico City, works 24/7 to prepare and coordinate services worldwide with the support of our regional offices, which facilitates FirstCall’s radio and time of action from strategic locations to all over the world. Its purpose is to guide and accompany organizations to counteract their risks, defend the integrity of their brand, employees and international travelers improve their operational efficiency, give and receive timely and effective response to crisis, guarantee business continuity and minimize losses to adverse events. 


IN-VEHICLE SECURITY AND GPS MONITORING When you want to keep your employees and their families safe and secure, FirstCall provides you peace of mind with a push of a button within your vehicle or mobile device, or one call. Whether safety or security, you receive rapid response by trained professionals. 

Personal safety in your pocket FirstCall is now partnering with Now Force, which is a mobile application and control system for the routine management of security, as well as for crisis and emergency situations that provide a direct reporting line to FirstCall’s GSOC for personal travelers, executives, their families, and others. 

- Active SOS: Get full-time monitoring 
- Passive SOS: Your location is obtained only at the time of the alert. 
- Follow me: You can set a timer for when you specifically need monitoring


We provide 24/7 incident support and emergency assistance with live operations centers in Mexico and the United States. Staffed by trained, bilingual professionals, FirstCall Centers offer a unique incident management, emergency response and tracking service that provide companies and individuals with:

Total visibility on where key vehicles and assets are at all times, 
- The peace of mind to track people and assets via a secure web-based interface should an emergency occur,
- Dedicated resources to assist and support people during times of need, and; 
- The ability to track commercial fleets and inventory with pinpoint accuracy. 
- Our highly trained bilingual Crisis Advisors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to aid and information should a crisis or emergency occur. When you need emergency assistance from police, the fire department, or a medical team, FirstCall can connect you with help. We recommend the best course of action before, during, and after crisis events, and provide you with access to a range of FirstCall services. 

Just push your FirstCall button and our Crisis Advisors can: 
- Connect you with loved ones, family, and friends. 
- Pinpoint your location, so emergency responders can get there quickly.
- Tell you the best evacuation routes, to get you back on the road and out of harm’s way. 
- Provide real-time crisis information and centralized assistance if you need food, water, medical supplies, or a hospital location.
- Help find the appropriate shelter, safe house, or hotel accommodations for you. 

FirstCall deliver accurate planning,
robust communication, & seamless execution.