Violence in the workplace

Violence in the workplace

When Does It Make Sense to Engage a Corporate Security Provider?

February 13, 2024

When Does It Make Sense to Engage a Corporate Security Provider?

Responding to the Threat of Workplace Violence

After aminor disagreement, a long-term, female employee physically threatened severalcoworkers. The following day, the same employee stated that she would shoot thenext person who talked to her in a disrespectful manner. While aware of theemployee’s statements, the company’s management took no action.

Later, in response to allegations involving the theftof inventory from the company’s warehouse, a supervisor met with the employeeto determine her whereabouts at the time of the theft. The employee reacted angrily to the supervisor’s line of questioning. At the end of the discussion,the disgruntled employee left the company’s premises.
She returned that afternoon with a handgun.

Uponre-entering the warehouse, the employee fired nine shots. Before she couldreload her weapon, several coworkers overpowered her and took her gun.

While the employee did not injure or kill any of her coworkers, several employees sued the company. They claimed the company was negligent because it failed to provide adequate protection for employees given the disgruntled employee’s past statements.

Proactive Threat Management

While many employees express frustration and dissatisfaction with their jobs, few resort to acts of violence. However, in response to a perceived slight, an inequity, or termination of employment, employees sometimes commit violent acts.

The first step a company can take to mount a proactive defense against disgruntled employees is to engage a professional security firm to assess the threat level posed by an unstable employee. The initial threat assessment may justify deploying armed security or hardening the company’s physical security,including controlled access, camera surveillance, and the creation of a secure rallying point for employees in the event that a hostile party enters the workplace.

Ignoringthe threat or failing to grasp its significance leaves companies with minimal defense in the court of public opinion or in courts of law.

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