integrated core services

Fully-integrating world-class professional services and technology to safeguard your workplace, employees and their families. We are evolving into an integrated corporate security solution blending executive security services, performance analytics, proactive geo-sensitive intelligence, related environmental events, broadcast messaging, vehicle telematics and personal GPS into a singular solution.

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    With active operations in over eighty countries, we work closely with clients every day to anticipate business challenges.

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    FirstCall assesses all aspects of our client’s security needs to ensure that they receive the appropriate level of protection at all times.

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    With more multinational firms requiring secure ground transportation for their employees and senior executives traveling across the U.S.-Mexico border

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    The problems our clients encounter range from the routine to highly unusual and complex situations that require customized solutions.

Our Story

We deliver accurate planning, robust communication, and seamless execution. We consult through collaboration. Our solutions are founded on a deep understanding of the security and business risks our clients face. We work with corporate security departments to understand the risks they face and create responses that meet time and budget requirements.

  • 20+ years of experience solving complex security problems on a global scale.
  • A global capability built through a global presence.
  • More than half the Fortune 100 served.
  • In depth understanding of social, political and economic conditions in each market we serve.
  • Proven ability to attract, train, and promote the most talented professionals in our industry.