Workplace Stability -Are you prepared?


The yearly cost of violence in the workplace in the United States amounts to $35.4 billion. A recent International Labour Organisation report estimates the combined burden of workplace stress and violence at 0.5 to 3.5 percent of national GDP per year. The consequences often translate to a compensatory burden, loss of productivity and personal tragedy. As these costs have been quantified, there has been recognition of workplace violence as a valid issue and major health and safety liability for enterprises, the elimination of which is necessary for success.

Even in the best of times, workplace violence is a pervasive problem that affects the lives of some 1.7 million Americans a year.

How recently have you examined your company’s workplace violence and incident management policies and updated them to reflect changing circumstances and best practices?

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    Take Control 

    With its 360° approach FirstCall will tailor a solution specific to your company’s corporate culture and goals utilizing, when necessary, workplace violence prevention resources within the following core services:

    •Threat Management, Behavioral Analysis & Assessments

    •Facility Security Vulnerability Assessments

    •Employee Fitness for Duty Evaluations

    •Workforce Training and Education

    •Investigative solutions including employee background and misconduct investigations

    •Program Design & Policy Development Physical security measures including facility, employee and executive protection

    •Crisis Management and Business recovery


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