What You Should Know Before Traveling to Argentina

What You Should Know Before Traveling to Argentina

Argentina’s travel risk is relatively low, but it can spike considerably in the larger cities, particularly Buenos Aires, Rosario, and Mendoza. Familiarizing yourself with the potential risks is essential. As long as you heed the recommendations below, your visit to the country should be quite pleasant.

Travel documents.

Make sure to procure the proper visa for your stay.

Identification while in the country.

Always carry identification with you.

What to wear.

Avoid clothing that suggests wealth or that calls undue attention to yourself.

How to pay for goods and services.

When possible, try to pay with exact change. Many scams involve giving change in counterfeit bills.

Securing your belongings.

Keep valuables securely with you at all times.

Travel in the country.

Don’t walk alone at night or take side streets.

Public demonstrations.

Political demonstrations are relatively common. While they’re generally peaceful, they have been known to grow violent. It’s best not to get involved.

Use secure transportation.

When traveling around cities, either hire vetted drivers or use “radio taxis.”

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