Plans & Services

Plans & Services

FirstCall is a 24/7 incident support and roadside emergency assistance service with live operations centers inMexico and the United States. FirstCall offers a fully integrated in-vehicle communication and alert system backed by a highly trained staff of bilingual advisors who have specialized security and customer support experience. Choose from among several FirstCall plans:

Pinpoint Assistance Plan

FirstCall subscriber vehicles are equipped with multiple emergency buttons which provide occupants with the ability to have emergency two-way communication with bilingual advisors in our 24/7 incident management and customer assistance centers.  With the push of a button, FirstCall advisors are immediately notified of an emergency and able to pinpoint the exact location of the vehicle.

FirstCall Advisors are trained to listen for a potential kidnapping, medical emergency, or other personal crisis and respond immediately with proper resources and support.  This plan also offers 24/7 monitoring of all activity inside the vehicle in case of an assault or kidnapping and guide law enforcement and support services to the scene.

Emergency Hotline Plan

Subscribers who choose not to have FirstCall’s vehicle assistance system installed in their vehicle can still receive 24/7 roadside roadside assistance and emergency support. Hotline subscribers are provided toll-free access to FirstCall Advisers who can dispatch assistance based on subscriber provided directions.

Subscribers are provided a wallet-sized FirstCall emergency card that has a unique identification number. When contacted, FirstCall Advisors will have access to your personal information stored in our system so that we can provide immediate and personalized support.

Position and Tracking Plan

Track your vehicle using our online weblocator. Subscribers to this plan do not have access to FirstCall center Advisors.