Original Article: Mónica Ramos / Staff Seguridad en América

With effort, cooperation and, mainly, thanks to the peace of mind that FirstCall has given to its clients over the years, the company recently obtained the ISO 9001-2015 certification, which regulates quality management systems.

FirstCall is an international corporation focused on three areas: consulting, security, and investigations. It was created 27 years ago and in 2004 began operations in Mexico, employing trained staff dedicated to the wellbeing of customers. “The owners of the company had the vision to come to Mexico and Latin America, which was very important. We all believed in the project, and we made sure that security became an investment instead of an expense. It has been an arduous work. So, we want to celebrate these [past] 15 years all year long. It’s […] a crucial moment for all of us here,” said Patricia Fresnedo, Managing Director for Latin America at FirstCall. Fresnedo believes that the corporation has been successful because they have been growing with their clients and, above all, because of the peace of mind that they have provided over all these years.

Héctor Robles-Conde, President of FirstCall Latin America and Vice President of Global Operations, announced they are going to host a series of seminars this year by specialists to share their expert knowledge with clients as a gesture of gratitude for these past 15 years. “We want to thank all our customers, employees, and former employees because FirstCall (formerly Steele) has employed many people in the industry; they have learned from the company, their company, and now many of them are our customers and our colleagues,” he explained.


FirstCall has faced several challenges. “The biggest challenge has been innovating and developing products according to the needs of our customers. We have been adapting, improving, and creating the solutions they require, and I can proudly say that we have overcome these challenges,” said Fresnedo, as she described one of the most successful solutions with a pervasive scope thanks to the cooperation between client and company.

“We currently have 45,000 users of the Emergency Response service. As it is comprehensive, it is preventive insurance that can be used for health issues or in case of an accident, but we also have extortion issues. We are part of the crisis committees for kidnapping issues, either by ourselves or through experts, and this has led us to have a significant presence. All these people who trust us, […] they know they are not alone,” said Fresnedo.

ISO Certification

This year, besides celebrating the first 15 years of the firm in Mexico, the company has obtained the ISO 9001-2015 certification granted by the International Standardization Organization, which regulates quality management systems. “We are delighted because it was a significant achievement that took a lot of effort and many hours of work. Our employees know that the company has fought for a goal and that we achieved it. We have to keep up the good work […] so our customers can be certain of working with a serious and trustworthy company,” said Fresnedo.

As soon as you enter the First Call offices, it’s easy to perceive how seriously security is taken and recognize the work that has been done to meet the objectives. “The company’s future outlook is to continue growing. We must have a well-balanced mix between the technology we use and the human factor. To achieve this, we go hand-in-hand with our customers to give them the solution they need in a real way,” Robles-Conde concluded.

Notwithstanding the potential for the new president to create a better future, given the record-breaking levels of violent crime, coupled with widespread corruption of the police, judiciary, and politicians, travel to Mexico requires a deep understanding of the threat landscape and the means to mitigate the risks of entering such a volatile environment.