Extreme Customer Support

Extreme Customer Support

FirstCall’s top priority is to provide subscribers with state-of-the-art tracking technology with a highly professional, responsive staff at the ready 24/7. Based on levels of service, FirstCall subscribers are provided a suite of member services that may include:

  • Expert bilingual advisors
  • Onsite response
  • Guaranteed software/hardware/installation 
  • Unlimited training

Expert Bilingual Advisors
FirstCall’s call center is staffed 24/7 with highly trained security professionals who are ready to provide local expertise and bilingual services. Clients are provided a toll-free access to dispatch assistance.

Onsite Response
FirstCall advisors are trained to listen for potential kidnapping, medical emergency or other security-related crisis and respond immediately with the appropriate resources. Our emergency response provides subscribers with roadside assistance to resolve safety-related risks.

Guaranteed Software/Hardware/Installation
FirstCall’s GPS tracking technology and remote response capability are installed via multiple one-touch buttons within subscribers’ cars. These tools are guaranteed and upgraded on a regular basis for the ongoing peace of mind for customers.