Our Difference

WHY FirstCall?

FirstCall services combine the best of vehicle tracking technology with a 24/7 bilingual staff of trained, knowledgeable professionals. FirstCall’s comprehensive system provides more coverage than any other in the major metropolitan areas of Mexico, along the Mexican-American border region and beyond. FirstCall strengths include:

  • An integrated in-vehicle alert/tracking system.
  • The broadest, most comprehensive available network coverage encompassing 660 cities and 130 highways throughout Mexico and along the Mexican-American border.
  • A 24/7 operations center staffed with expert bilingual incident response advisers with specific regional risk management and security expertise.
  • Providing driving directions when you are lost.
  • Instant communications to respond to and mitigate the full range of emergencies on the road, both in the city and in rural areas.
  • Access to constantly updated intelligence related to road conditions, crime trends, events, safety measures and other issues that impact safety and security.
  • Peace of mind for company personnel, family members, cargo and other business assets.